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 Our Locksmith Service Price List

  1. Our Prices Mobile on-site service: $19.99$ (Service call fee).
  2. Emergency Services :

    Emergency Door Unlocking Price:

            House lockout : $45 *

            Car Lockout :    $40 *

           *Regular Local On-Site Service PRICE :

           – Lock Change     $35 *

           -Lock Rekey      $29 *

           -Car Key Replacement $95 *

           -Transponder Car Key Replacement $125

           -File Cabinet Lockout / Change $45 *

           -New Lock Installation $45 *

           -Car Key Extraction $85 *

           -Mail Box Lockout / Change $45

  • * Prices mentioned are minimum prices. Any changes to these prices will be explained and you will get a specific quote before work starts.Every key ignition is uniquely built and cut therefore, the final cost will vary. It will depend on the complexity of the job and programming cost if associated. Important Note: Unforeseen complications may arise at the site, these changes may affect the price by way of labour or parts. In any circumstance, changes to the final price may be explained before any work is done.
$19.99+tax Day $29.99+tax Night *Service Call*    Most of the time, We can pick the lock, which does not damage it.  If We cannot pick it, then you must purchase a replacement lock cylinder if you wish me to proceed with drilling it.  Replacement cylinders are usually about $25, though We will advise you of the exact price. High security locks such as Abloy, ASSA, Best or Medeco are an additional charge and, in some cases, may be impossible.  Opening them always involves destroying them.
    This charge is to cut off or drill the round discus-style padlocks used on storage units.  We can usually pick Master padlocks and other inexpensive padlocks used on the gates to people’s backyards, which is $20.99+tax.  
   Each place that you use a key is a lock cylinder.  If you have a double-cylinder deadbolt where you use the key on both the inside and the outside, that would count twice.
 Install a Deadbolt :This refers to a new installation on an exterior door.  Interior residential doors (e.g. bedrooms) are $29.99+tax, though you should be aware that your door is cardboard, so the deadbolt is not going to be particularly strong.  We do not install deadbolts on mobile homes as the doors are too thin and there is a danger of hitting a crosspiece with one’s drill, which could collapse the whole door.

    • Repair a Sagging Door  
When a door sags, the deadbolt and sometimes the latch no longer line up with the holes in the frame. We can repair this, but not for free, people sometimes think that this repair is included when We re-key their lock, but it is not.
   ◦ Replace a Failing Kwikset Latch  
Kwikset latches will sometimes fail so, when you turn the knob, it does not retract the latch enough to clear the strike and open the door.  If We are re-keying your house and observe that a latch (usually on the garage door, which gets the most use) is starting to fail, We will advise you of this.  If it fails and there is some other way into your house, there is a $14.99+tax labor charge for getting the door open.  If it is the only door into your house, it cannot be opened without some damage to the door and, unless you sign a release form, We can’t help you with that.
    • Replace a Mailbox Lock  
  This includes drilling out the old lock.  If you have a key for the existing lock

    • Make a Vehicle Key                                               *Call for Quote*

  Security Improvements for Residences  

•    Install pick-resistant spool pins                                                   $9.99+tax

•    Install pins to strengthen the hinge side of a door                  $14.99+tax

•    Install a large strike plate with long screws                              $20

•    Install a reinforcement plate around a deadbolt                     $21.99+tax

•    Install a lock on the inside of a sliding glass door                   $29.99+tax

    Security Improvements for Businesses

•    Install pick-resistant spool pins                                                   $9.99+tax

•    Install a hardened ring (a spinner) on your lock cylinder.    $14.99+tax

•    Install a lock cylinder on the inside of your front door.         $24.99+tax

•    Install a slide bolt on the inside of your back door.                $43.99+tax

•    Install a hard plate on the door over the locking bolt.           $59.99+tax

  With Locksmith MTL you can rest assured we will get the job done in the most professional way possible….Our Services are Guaranteed.
List of services

    •    Medeco®     •    Abloy®     •    Mul-T-Lock®     •    ProGuard®     •    Wellson®     •    KwikSet®     •    Schlage®     •    Baldwin®     •    Halsco®     •    Westlock®     •    Abus®     •    Weiser®     •    Yale®     •    Baltica®     •    Sentry Safes®     •    LSDA®     •    Fersa®     •    Canaropa®     •    Umbra®     •    Automatic Door Closers     •    Digital Locks – Fingerprint Locks – Code Locks     •    Mailbox Locks     •    Safety Deposit Box Locks     •    File Cabinet Locks     •    Access Control     •    Cylinder Rim (Jimmy Proof)     •    Residential Locks     •    Commercial Locks     •    Industrial Locks     •    Automobile Locks     •    Mortise Locks     •    Knobs     •    Panic Bars     •    Exit Buttons     •    Padlocks     •    Locksets     •    Magnet Locks


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